Dark Epic Power Metal

Nicholas Leptos – Vocals

Nicholas Leptos – Vocals


Nicholas Leptos was born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus and with family hailing from places as diverse as Cephalonia, Smyrna and Italy.

He got into rock and metal at a young age being first introduced into hard rock and AOR and later into traditional Heavy Metal.
A autodidact in singing, he has been a member of numerous bands and he has shared credits with Tony Martin and the stage with Paul DiAnno, but his “brainchild” is Arrayan Path with which he already has recorded 4 albums, and was where William J Tsamis heard him for the first time and recruited him to become Warlord’s lead singer.

Notable for his high register and lyrical voice, he’s recognized for his unique minor melodic turns; a great asset to the Warlord musical arsenal!