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Paolo Viani – Guitars (Live Only)

Paolo Viani – Guitars (Live Only)


Paolo was born in Mantua, but grew up in Treviso close to Venice, Italy

From an early age, thanks to his parents, he developed a strong interest in classical music but did not undertake the study of any instrument until the age of 15 when, thanks to the Beatles – his first great love-, he discovers pop/rock and soon developed a taste for the ” neoclassical ” sound of the great heavy rock bands.

He decided to start studying guitar with the intention of emulating his heroes: Randy Rhoads , Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen and William “Destroyer” Tsamis .

In 1986 he founded his own band “Black Jester”  with which he produced 3 discs . In 2000 he starts Moonlight Circus with which he made two more  albums.

Always a huge fan of Warlord, he became, since 1995 WJT’s “pen pal”. William, following his career and musical ability closely, gives him in 2002 a spot as the support guitarist for Warlord at the first Warlord concert at Wacken.

In 2013, once again, WJT entrusts him with the same role for the mini-European tour, a position he retains until today