Dark Epic Power Metal

Warlord announces new deal with Rubicon Music

Rubicon┬áMusic of Japan, licensed “Deliver Us”, “The Cannons Of Destruction” and “Rising Out Of The Ashes” which will be released in CD format sometime in the upcoming months reaching a total of 4 titles after last year’s special “The Holy Empire” ┬áJapanese version. The Japanese versions will feature the following bonus tracks:

  • “Deliver Us” will feature “Aliens” and “Lost And Lonely Days” from the 1984’s 12″ EP. “Mrs Victoria” as is now part of the official Sons Of A Dream Music’s release will also be included.
  • “The Cannons Of Destruction” will feature “Hands and Feet” from 1986’s “Thy Kingdom Come”
  • “Rising Out Of The Ashes” apart from the original “Lost And Lonely Days” will feature an exclusive mix of “Deliver Us From Evil” with Joacim Cans on vocals and additional keyboards by Warlord’s live keyboard player Angelo Vafeiadis, specifically for the Japanese market. This track (also found in the reissue of “RootA” by Sons Of A Dream) was long lost but discovered in early 2013 and brought up-to date. The Japanese mix features a more “modern” Warlord sound (closer to that on “The Holy Empire”) while the Sons Of A Dream release closely matches the rest of the album.

More info to follow